Soon back in business

I recently bought a few cds, and a pair of them have been shipped and recieved already. The first one being Dark Days by Abysmal Growls Of Despair, and the other one is a split with said band, In Lacrimaes Et Dolor and Until My Funerals Began, named In Memoriam. Fantastic releases indeed.
Abysmal Growls Of Despair - Dark Days cover

But great releases aside, we still have the lack of posts I’m making here(or, not making). It always seem to come to the fact that I post not even once a month, even though there are topics that I feel like discussing, as well as albums I want to review. There’s so much to do.
That’s why I’m going to make a list of what I’ll post this summer. I cannot promise I’ll manage to complete it, but I will do as many as I can handle. So, here’s the things I know for now will be up on here:

  • What I think about brutal death metal album art(Spoiler: I don’t dislike them)
  • Review of Dark Days by Abysmal Growls Of Despair
  • Review of Arrival Of The Red Sun by Zonaria
  • Review of Lore Of Lies by Lorelei
  • Review of VII by Into Infernus
  • Bandcamp as a medium to find new music to enjoy

I hope it won’t take too long to complete this list. And if you want me to discuss/review anything else, feel free to inform me down in the comments.

And about my youtube channel; I’m not for the moment able to upload any videos for the moment, but hopefully I’ll be back to it real soon. And then I’ll have quite some videos I’m gonna upload(let’s hope this wont turn out into an empty promise). So, until next time,

Stay brutal \m/

Multidimensional Infinity

Fragments turned into obscurity
Forming a scattered depth of reality
Drifting perspectives separated by subspace
Randomly connecting subconsciously

Imaginary sceneries floating periodically devoid of sustainable matter
Uncontrolled by time, space and time, existentially entropical fragmentary
Negative seconds to infrared, twice the gravity to widespread dark energy
The vastness of universal multitude recreates the solitude of omniexistance
The completion from eternal extraction boils everything down to perfection
Engaging and disengaging, repopulates the possibility of something beyond

Something beyond possibilities of eternity

A fragile whisper echoes through the void
Unheared by those with uncomplete voices
A faint dream dilutes by its nonexistant goal
Surreal for it to come true


Capturing a moment of chaotic subsequences in anecdotal symmetry
Latitudes tilting into unhingement, melting a callous premonition to default
Reassembling the statis of bifurcated prejudice from destinational pattern
Caressed to be as a tremendously deformed roundabout to anywhere
Visiting memories from the future by parallel fragmentation of nowhere
Setting aside the faultering of failure to another wilting whereabout

Something beyond possibilities of eternities

A fragile whisper echoes through the void
Unheared by those with uncomplete voices
A faint dream dilutes by its nonexistant goal
Surreal for it to come true

What is it to rearrange reality
When everything is able to exist
Is there a possibility to change
What of this can become true

A fragile whisper echoes through the void
Unheared by those with uncomplete voices
A faint dream dilutes by its nonexistant goal
Surreal for it to come true
Surreality of disexistance
Multidimensional infinity

Abysmal Growls Of Despair – Eternal Lament

Abysmal Growls Of Despair - Eternal Lament (2013)

1. Intro (5:10)
2. Eternal Lament (9:38)
3. Silencing Ensamble (9:59)
4. Nothing Remains (8:26)
5. All These Wrong Things (9:53)
6. Awful Dreams (6:34)

Genre: Funeral Doom Metal
Year: 2013

One day when I was browsing through bandcamp in search of new metal releases I stumbled upon this full-length. Little did I know what was prepared for me when I pressed the play-button. The experience to hear funeral doom metal for the first time is one of those undescribable moments you can encounter, the closest word to describe it being “epic”. It didn’t took long before I knew that I had to buy a physical copy of it. Shortly after it the facebook-page was created, and I was not hesitant to like it.
Being a one man band, this debut release is really something extraordinary to produce on the first try by oneself. And thanks to this release I really got hooked up on funeral doom, being one of my favourite genres of today.

Score: 9/10
Similar bands: Solemn They Await, In Lacrimaes Et Dolor, Until My Funerals Began

My current collection

Hello guys, just going in shortly, since I recently(today actually) took a picture of my physical music collection, I thought “why not share it on my metal-blog”. So here it is:
Whole physical collection (24 june)

Hopefully I’m going to update more often from now on, though I shall not promise something I’m not sure I will manage to complete.

Until next time, stay metal \m/

1 year on youtube

A couple of days ago I have been up on youtube for 1 year. A lot of things have indeed happened since then, expecially the amount of cds and vinyls in my collection.

With over 50 videos made, 18 subscribers gained and over 2.3k views. I know that these numbers aren’t that big, but it still means that my opinions and thoughts do mean something for a small amount of people. And for that I’m grateful, that 18 people have decided that my content is as interesting as to which they are following it.

At that day I also did a video called “1 year anniversary video: Apartment tour + introduction to CD and Vinyl collection 2014”, as a special kind of video at that day. If you’re interested to watch it, here it is:

As soon as I have uploaded all the parts of both my CD collection and Vinyl collection I will post them here as well, together with a bit of information about the releases shown in them.

Once again, thank you for all this time, and I promise you that this year will have quite some interesting videos, as well as posts and updates I’ll do here.

Keep it brutal, folks

The vinyl community on youtube

My thoughts about joining the vinyl community is divided, I’m not really sure if I should join or not. On one part I am liking the spirit it has, a lot of nice and calm people are members of it, and of course I do have a few vinyls myself. But on the other part it feels that I’m first and foremost a metalhead, I enjoy metal and that’s my first and foremost passion. It’s not the kind of “I can only listen to metal, since any other form of music suck”, defenitely not. I do like my fare share of ambient, especially dark ambient, and I even enjoy some rock.

For those of you who doesn’t know what the vinyl community is, it’s a community of people that have a passion for vinyls, but sometimes even other forms of physical formats that you can listen to music to. That’s the short summary of it. If you want the longer explanation of it… well, you have to watch some videos yourself to understand it, instead of reading my boring and one-sided thoughts about it.

I first encountered the VC(vinyl community for short) when searching for “music room tour” on youtube, a kind of videos I really enjoy watching, and found plenty of interesting people, music rooms and growing collections. If your interested in checking a few, and got a couple of spare minutes, here’s some music room tours for you to watch(if the link doesn’t work, just copy/paste it):

I think that you will especially enjoy the last one 😉
Anyway, it might seem that I’m a bit douchey for not wanting to join the community, but for me it doesn’t feel like something I want to devote myself to at 100%, though it is a nice community.
I guess one of the reasons might be because I have a feeling that one should be more “openminded” than what I already am, and even if I’m not too afraid of testing new things, it feels like you have to be pretty diverse in your taste in music to be a part of it. Another is more or less that there aren’t that many that seems to listen to metal of them, if there’s any that enjoys the sound of some of the bands I listens to.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just rambling about unnecessary things again. What’s your thoughts about the VC? And if you are a member of it, tell me your thoughts about it, and maybe try to convince me to join 😀

Whatever, maybe this wasn’t something you enjoyed reading that much, but at least you know a bit what’s happening.

Stay brutal \m/

The Circle Pit’s album of the year

Hello fellow metalheads, today I’ll be talking about The Circle Pit’s album of the year, tournament-ish version. I know that it’s more or less for fun, but I want to get a bit serious about it.

First of I’ll probably should show you the picture of it, and here it is(if you don’t see the whole picture, right-click on it and choose “show in new tab”):
The Circle Pit tournament best album of 2013

If we start on the left side from the top to bottom if I would choose which one should win, it would look more like this:
Between TesseracT and Conducting From The Grave, I would clearly choose Conducting From The Grave. Between Falujah and Intronaut, Falujah would win that one. And the battle between CFTG and Falujah is easy for me, since CFTG did release a great album 2013.
Battlecross would win the fight with Soilwork, and they would also win August Burns Red, but loose against CFTG
The eight band after them I have only listened to a few of, so The Black Dahlia Murder would with ease win against Reflections.
It’s quite a lot harder between CFTG and TBDM, but I would choose CFTG, because in my opinion their release was better.

Disfiguring The Goddess defenitely wins against both the three above and Impending Doom, even if I really like Impending Doom. Fleshgod Apocalypse wins over Breakdown Of Sanity and, after some thinking, Within The Ruins. Then one of the toughest decision I made on this list was between The Devil Wears Prada and The Browning, but I finally decided with TDWP, and then they won over Born Of Osiris. Between Disfiguring The Goddess and TDWP I choosed Disfiguring The Goddess, and even the battle between them and CFTG I choosed Disfiguring The Goddess, because their release was one of the best of 2013.

On the right side we start with an easy win for Revocation, but another hard decision came when I had to choose between Amon Amarth and Oceano, so it ended with Oceano winning over both Amon Amarth and Revocation. After looking at the eight next bands Ovid’s Withering wins with a ridicolous ease against the other, and with no hesitation I choosed them again over Oceano

Even if I greatly enjoy both DevilDriver and Humanity’s Last Breath, Erra do win this fight, and even if Killswitch Engage wins the match between both Chimaira and the two above, they are no match for Erra. And since I haven’t listened to the bands we have left, Erra are easily the winner of the right bottom. But against Ovid’s Withering Erra has no hope winning against, even if their album is a top 10 of 2013 for me.

And between the winners of each side, Disfiguring the Goddess and Ovid’s Withering, the later stands as the final champion of the best album of 2013.

Well, even if it can be fun doing these kind of things, we must remember it is just a matter of opinion, and these tournament things isn’t a matter of which band/release that is objectively a better band, just that more people voted for them, and by looking at how people have voted, the only part of it that I can agree with is Erra’s success.

Which release is your favourite from 2013? Which band do you think should have won/should win in this tournament?

The link to The Circle Pit:

Hopefully I didn’t wasted your time, and have a great metal 2014.


A Rotten Essence Behind The Mask

Don’t be near
Filling me with disgust/
Don’t show me your face
Keep the mask on/

I can’t live with your despair
Move away from me
Killing the world around
With your fake innocence

What a vulture
Giving nothing but a raptor’s feast/
Dead features
A rotten essence buried inside
An empty corpse/
With an endless whip
A cancer’s nightmare/

I can’t live with your despair
Move away from me
Killing the world around
With your fake innocence
And graving in fictional vows
“I promise you love and happiness”

But it’s only for yourself

You say that you cry for me
But among the darkest hours
I only hear you laughing

Move away
Move away
Killing with your fake innocence
I can’t live with you around me
As you graving in fictional vows
“I am the one for you”

But that’s in a nightmare

The Cold Embrace

A frozen gaze upon my footprints, is this my path?

Have I really made these choices until now?
Is this the person I am today, so unfamiliar to me?

Where the numb presence
Shows how empty the world around
Has become from my actions
The reflection shows another face
For the man I am, the one I’d become
Is not someone I recognize

Don’t make it stare back, this stranger so vile
How did he became a part of my life, a promise so untrue
Where is the man I sought to be, one opinion so humble
Make the water stop falling, my vision so blurry

Another failed step, have I come to forget my dream?
Another leaf falls dead, why can’t I see it’s colours?

My withering future untold
For someone filled with hope
That never stood tall
Dreams reflected
In the wrong mirror
So it became another’s life

Where did the people go who told me they’d be there forever?
Are these empty spaces around him proof of his false existence?

Don’t make it stare back, a cold so black
How did he became a part of my life, this wind so severe
Where is the man I sought to be, my life so lost
Make the water stop falling, one chin so wet
I cannot even feel myself, the embrace so cold
As the seconds slows down, by choice so lone

When Flesh Came Out Of The Sun

That hollow point where your skin turns to ash
At the end of the stairs there’s something for pale minds
Behind the maze, a straight circle to gaze upon
Surreal to combine the crippled and the cursed

To stare
To make your eyes bleed

Sun, you make my eyes so sore
The blood makes you a beauty
But that beauty comes short when transparent skin hides you
And the world turns to flesh

In lines the empty stares was held
And then none of them made a move
Because out of the line were the eyeless one
Beyond the comprehended foothold, beyond the fleshly sights
The point, the stairs, the maze and the combination
Noone else but him could understand

To stare
To make your eyes bleed

Sun, you make my eyes so sore
The blood makes you a beauty
But that beauty comes short when transparent skin hides you
And the world turns to flesh

Please, don’t make my eyes blind for the beauty
Instead, take them away so I could understand it

As the flesh came out of the sun