Starting over

Hello, God of shadows here.

This may surprise you now when you only see this post or wonder “where did all the other posts disappear to?”, but the reason why I have erazed all of the stuff is because I wanted to start over with all of this, put this blog into a new chapter so to say. I felt it was necessary for me to do this, and I’m sorry that I didn’t told you in beforehand of this.
You probably know that I have a youtube channel, or if you didn’t, now you do 😉 But what I was going to say was that starting from this post, I will either further explain things from what I’m uploading on youtube, doing review-ish things, discuss different tobic related to music, mostly metal then, talk about recent cd or vinyl purchases and a couple of other things that I think will suit this blog.
And to warn you now already, I will write some posts in swedish, but I won’t post in my mother tongue as often as I write in english. Just so you know now before you encounter posts you hardly understand most of the words.
As well as I am starting once again with this blog, I’m also going to change the background as well as the header-thingie, just preparing you for that moment.

I think that explained it all, so you shall have a nice evening folks.

God of shadows


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