Preparing: Ovid’s Withering – Scryers Of The Ibis

So now you are able to listen to Ovid’s Withering’s new album, Scryers Of The Ibis, and I must say that it was defently worth the wait.

I have waited all this year for it, and it is now finally available to listen to, my year is complete. I guess I will get the cd of it the next week, together with all the other merch I pre-ordered it with, and I will by then make a review of it, be sure of that.

It does sound a bit different from the EP The Cloud Gatherer, but that’s more or less unavailable with bands, thanks to slightly different equipment, the voice may have minor changes, and the band may also add or change a few things with the songs itself, I have no problem with it. If not, it’s just another aspect of their epicness.

I won’t say much more of it, you’ll have to wait for the review for my complete opinion of it, but at least I can give you some links for this jaw-dropping experince, just to show you how incredible they are.

Here’s the link to bandcamp:

Here’s the youtube video:

And here’s the link if you want to get the cd:

Be sure that I will post a lot of info about Ovid’s Withering in the future.

Keep it brutal \m/


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