The Infection

As the infection pounds my chest
Again and again
Waiting for the sickness to spread
Worlds turn aside

Time has forced us to pale away
Into this shell
This hollow realm crumbles to dust
In vain they fall

Infectious jaws leaves marks on the skin
Forgotten is the law of pain
A flatter to call me dead
In my eyes I see havoc
For the dear disease to increase
Tell them who lost the of salvation

There is no life in misery

Tremble in fear for those too weak
To feal the pain is to die twice
The pain of deterioration
Empty your load inside my head, plague

Tears of blood cover my dreadfilled eyes
Time has to open up it’s eyes
My terror, my pain and my sorrow
This is not a life
Give back the world that was taken away
Before my blood has dried


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