The Murder Of Selves

My pale friend has suffered a great loss
From the murder of his breath
Running loose from this world
While his body will remain here forever
Distinguish the letters between his fingers
Where our eyes falls apart

“I witness the world through a lowered sight
I see flowers withering and rocks cracks to pieces
I see towers falling and waves leaving shores
And still there’s more to lose
In the places of man, decay and sorrow is the rule
Following his every step as a silent shadow
There is no end of it
No end of the pain”

As the last line ends in a blot in this dark tranquillity
Palms hiding the world from me

Who did this to him?
Who gave him another pair of eyes?
Who murdered him with a twisted smile?
Who took away the world he once loved?

The murder of my cold friend
Controlling his hands, pushing the knife towards his chest
The murderer of my friend
Why infect peoples’ minds with suffocating thoughts
When the people that will suffer the most
Is the ones that will have their friends taken away


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