And Her Beloved Voice Rot Away

Oh, in my dreams she kept me company
The sweetest of voices she drove me away
To a neverending journey, an adventure so


As a whisper, she filled me with joy
Her cute laughter, she was the only one
That never left me behind
That stood by my side
That welcomed me into her arms

Oh, when I woke up she was there
My wishes, she turned them all alive
The greatest of friends, standing by my side


She knew what I wanted
She knew what I wished for
She knew that I loved her

Oh, Elysa
The happiness you gave me
The time we shared
The love we had for each other
You made the world alive


When was the last time I heard your tender voice?
Why did I turn my back to you, leaving you alone?
How did I became the monster I am?
What made me slaughter the life we had?

Was it when I ignored you?
Was it my empty smiles?
Was it lies I kept telling?
Was it as I never let it rain?


Sure I loved the games we played
Indeed I enjoyed your company
Of course I would protect you with my life
But how I was afraid of losing you
Because you were the only one that I had

You appeared less often
Your body features was less detailed
And the worst of all, your voice faded away


My love, I am sorry
You were my greatest friend, the sister I never had
But when I betrayed you
I left you alone, your weak smile succumbing into tears

Oh, they told me to grow up
So I listened to them instead of you my friend
I closed my eyes, and you fell into


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