The Question

As the rider of the pale horse rode his road
A man came across it and faced him
The rider spoke to him
“What do you want my young man?”
And the man answered him this:
“I have traveled through countries, over seas and oceans.

I have searched through caves and forests.
I have asked men and women alike.
I have asked kings and simple beggars.
I have listened to the animals and traced every fotprint to find you.”

“Why, my young man, have you searched for me?”
“I have all my life wanted to ask you this question.”
“Then, my young man, your question will indeed be answered, for your long journey deserves a reward.”

The man then began his question like this:
“My fellow men and women that lives in these lands,
many are my friend, some are my enemies,
but yet I care for them all.
However my question is not finished yet.

I have seen that though we seem to improve and increase the beauty in life we still crawling to our doom.
What is this that makes us to slowly suffocate?
What is this that brings us to devastation?”

With a bony finger the rider pointed at the man.
“You have now asked your question and your answer you have indeed deserved, hear me now.

You humans blames something else,
You lie and spread decay.
You want to blame someone?
Then turn around and see the truth for yourself.”

The man, perplexed, did as the rider said
And found a reflection on a flat surface.
His eyes filled with terror
And his screams pierced the skies.


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