The Circle Pit’s album of the year

Hello fellow metalheads, today I’ll be talking about The Circle Pit’s album of the year, tournament-ish version. I know that it’s more or less for fun, but I want to get a bit serious about it.

First of I’ll probably should show you the picture of it, and here it is(if you don’t see the whole picture, right-click on it and choose “show in new tab”):
The Circle Pit tournament best album of 2013

If we start on the left side from the top to bottom if I would choose which one should win, it would look more like this:
Between TesseracT and Conducting From The Grave, I would clearly choose Conducting From The Grave. Between Falujah and Intronaut, Falujah would win that one. And the battle between CFTG and Falujah is easy for me, since CFTG did release a great album 2013.
Battlecross would win the fight with Soilwork, and they would also win August Burns Red, but loose against CFTG
The eight band after them I have only listened to a few of, so The Black Dahlia Murder would with ease win against Reflections.
It’s quite a lot harder between CFTG and TBDM, but I would choose CFTG, because in my opinion their release was better.

Disfiguring The Goddess defenitely wins against both the three above and Impending Doom, even if I really like Impending Doom. Fleshgod Apocalypse wins over Breakdown Of Sanity and, after some thinking, Within The Ruins. Then one of the toughest decision I made on this list was between The Devil Wears Prada and The Browning, but I finally decided with TDWP, and then they won over Born Of Osiris. Between Disfiguring The Goddess and TDWP I choosed Disfiguring The Goddess, and even the battle between them and CFTG I choosed Disfiguring The Goddess, because their release was one of the best of 2013.

On the right side we start with an easy win for Revocation, but another hard decision came when I had to choose between Amon Amarth and Oceano, so it ended with Oceano winning over both Amon Amarth and Revocation. After looking at the eight next bands Ovid’s Withering wins with a ridicolous ease against the other, and with no hesitation I choosed them again over Oceano

Even if I greatly enjoy both DevilDriver and Humanity’s Last Breath, Erra do win this fight, and even if Killswitch Engage wins the match between both Chimaira and the two above, they are no match for Erra. And since I haven’t listened to the bands we have left, Erra are easily the winner of the right bottom. But against Ovid’s Withering Erra has no hope winning against, even if their album is a top 10 of 2013 for me.

And between the winners of each side, Disfiguring the Goddess and Ovid’s Withering, the later stands as the final champion of the best album of 2013.

Well, even if it can be fun doing these kind of things, we must remember it is just a matter of opinion, and these tournament things isn’t a matter of which band/release that is objectively a better band, just that more people voted for them, and by looking at how people have voted, the only part of it that I can agree with is Erra’s success.

Which release is your favourite from 2013? Which band do you think should have won/should win in this tournament?

The link to The Circle Pit:

Hopefully I didn’t wasted your time, and have a great metal 2014.



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