The vinyl community on youtube

My thoughts about joining the vinyl community is divided, I’m not really sure if I should join or not. On one part I am liking the spirit it has, a lot of nice and calm people are members of it, and of course I do have a few vinyls myself. But on the other part it feels that I’m first and foremost a metalhead, I enjoy metal and that’s my first and foremost passion. It’s not the kind of “I can only listen to metal, since any other form of music suck”, defenitely not. I do like my fare share of ambient, especially dark ambient, and I even enjoy some rock.

For those of you who doesn’t know what the vinyl community is, it’s a community of people that have a passion for vinyls, but sometimes even other forms of physical formats that you can listen to music to. That’s the short summary of it. If you want the longer explanation of it… well, you have to watch some videos yourself to understand it, instead of reading my boring and one-sided thoughts about it.

I first encountered the VC(vinyl community for short) when searching for “music room tour” on youtube, a kind of videos I really enjoy watching, and found plenty of interesting people, music rooms and growing collections. If your interested in checking a few, and got a couple of spare minutes, here’s some music room tours for you to watch(if the link doesn’t work, just copy/paste it):

I think that you will especially enjoy the last one 😉
Anyway, it might seem that I’m a bit douchey for not wanting to join the community, but for me it doesn’t feel like something I want to devote myself to at 100%, though it is a nice community.
I guess one of the reasons might be because I have a feeling that one should be more “openminded” than what I already am, and even if I’m not too afraid of testing new things, it feels like you have to be pretty diverse in your taste in music to be a part of it. Another is more or less that there aren’t that many that seems to listen to metal of them, if there’s any that enjoys the sound of some of the bands I listens to.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just rambling about unnecessary things again. What’s your thoughts about the VC? And if you are a member of it, tell me your thoughts about it, and maybe try to convince me to join 😀

Whatever, maybe this wasn’t something you enjoyed reading that much, but at least you know a bit what’s happening.

Stay brutal \m/


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