1 year on youtube

A couple of days ago I have been up on youtube for 1 year. A lot of things have indeed happened since then, expecially the amount of cds and vinyls in my collection.

With over 50 videos made, 18 subscribers gained and over 2.3k views. I know that these numbers aren’t that big, but it still means that my opinions and thoughts do mean something for a small amount of people. And for that I’m grateful, that 18 people have decided that my content is as interesting as to which they are following it.

At that day I also did a video called “1 year anniversary video: Apartment tour + introduction to CD and Vinyl collection 2014”, as a special kind of video at that day. If you’re interested to watch it, here it is:

As soon as I have uploaded all the parts of both my CD collection and Vinyl collection I will post them here as well, together with a bit of information about the releases shown in them.

Once again, thank you for all this time, and I promise you that this year will have quite some interesting videos, as well as posts and updates I’ll do here.

Keep it brutal, folks


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