Most of the lyrics, if not all, that I will post will be lyrics I’ve created myself. And if you are in a band and want to use any of them, please contact me at this email address:

Down here I will have the list of the lyrics I’ve posted, a link to that post and a description of why I created it and the thoughts behind it. Of course you can view it in another way than what I thought about it, because most of my lyrics are created for being read through different perspectives, since there is no “right” way to read and understand art.

A Rotten Essnece Behind The Mask
Don’t stay in unhealthy relationships, just a tip.

And Her Beloved Voice Rot Away
This is a lyric about a person that was told to “grow up” and was forced to leave behind his/her imaginary friend, that was his/her only real friend. What is really to grow up? Is there such a thing as being an adult? Think about it.

Elude, My Thought

Frozen Kingdom

Multidimensional Infinity
Was a bit inspired by “Enter The Void” by Stories and “Faith Collapsing” by Aversions Crown, but have had this song in its essence for some time really. Personally I think this is one of the best lyrics I’ve made, really enjoyed writing it. A really epic song it would be(at least in my head).

Rotting Around The Roots

The Cold Embrace
This is about a man that realise that his choices in life have made him becomes something he clearly didn’t wished for, that he has abandoned what he really wanted.

The Deformation Of Our Lives
Got inspired by Shake Well Before – Insomnia and this is what was created.

The Fleshgod
Of some weird reason I got this out of Marilyn Manson – This Is Halloween, but it is more the flow of the music rather than the lyrical content I had in mind for this.
The heart part was for this heart business couples like to do, and the blood, sweat and tears part is from Mr Churchill’s speech “Blood, toil, tears and sweat”. Not here to mock anyone, but I guess I will get haters anyway. Maybe I will do a lyric about that, huh? Who knows.

The Gloom Of My Forfeit
I made this while listening to Conducting From The Grave.

The Impaler

The Infection
I made this while listening to Assemble The Chariots – Sanctuary.

The Man That Never Existed
One of my greatest fear is if something or someone stopped existing, I mean completely. No thoughts, no memories, no nothing, that it has been erazed from history, the world.
I created this while listening to We Are The Ocean – All Of This Has To End.

The Murder Of Selves
This is me trying to make those which are thinking about a suicide solution to think twice before doing so. I know it’s a difficult topic, and I probably didn’t make a great one here, but I hope it will help somewhat. I made this while I listened to Make Them Suffer – Neverbloom.

The Question
Got inspired by an Advent Sorrow song and this is what was created.

The Same Failure As Always

Visceral Wishes
Got this idea when I listened to Take Charge – Pillager. This is describing hunger, when you really are hungry and more or less your stomach is controlling your body and thoughts.

What’s Left Of Me

When Flesh Came Out Of The Sun
A little bit of surreal lyric there, but this is actually about someones love for the sun so strong that his/her eyes goes blind.


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